Wildforest is freedom, a gamble and independence
We enjoy musical experimentation, taking the risk that you might not like us
We make music by ourselves;
its sound, colour and essence are entirely edited by us
and we let our personal mark in everything we produce

We are seven artists, seven different stories
and we have decided to get out of our bedrooms in order to share our passion
Because music isn’t only made with notes, but also with human connections

We are passionate about culture
All kinds of art represent a source of inspiration
We are curious to know new technologies
and we look to the future, but we are nostalgic too
phisical supports like CDs, Tapes still have a value for us

And our music finds its maximum expression at live performances,
when it meets people and makes people meet
Because we like the virtual world, but we prefer reality much more

We want to create, supporting each other
We will make music, print CDs, introduce ourselves
We imagine to perform our music everywhere, both on the Internet and in the real world
We will collaborate and we will be open to collaborations
Because this is what we enjoy doing;
picturing a world and showing it to you